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Invitation for 7th International Conference of Chief Justices of the World on Article 51(c) of the Constitution of India at Lucknow, India from 7th to 11h December 2006 : theme: Enforceable international law is "the idea" whose time has come, ... World Unity and Peace Education Department (WUPED). €18,00 Bekijk
State immunity and cultural objects on loan. Woudenberg, Nout van. €80,00 Bekijk
Protecting Cultural Property in Armed Conflict. Woudenberg, Nout van Liesbeth Lijnzaad (eds.) €60,00 Bekijk
International criminal law : a collection of international and European instruments. Wyngaert, Christine van den (ed.) €35,00 Bekijk
Indigenous Rights and United Nations Standards: Self-Determination, Culture and Land. Xanthaki, Alexandra €35,00 Bekijk
The Kurdish Conflict: International Humanitarian Law and Post-Conflict Mechanisms. Yildiz, Kerim. €35,00 Bekijk
African Yearbook of International Law, Volume 9, 2001 = Annuaire africain de Droit international, Volume 9, 2001. Yusuf, Abdulqawi A. (ed.) €60,00 Bekijk
The changing law of the sea : western hemisphere perspectives. Zacklin, Ralph. €18,00 Bekijk
International criminal law : a critical introduction. Zahar, Alexander Göran Sluiter. €18,00 Bekijk
Situation selection regime at the International Criminal Court : law, policy, practice. Zakerhossein, Mohammad Hadi. €45,00 Bekijk
The legal status of the Land Berlin : a survey after the Quadripartite Agreement. Zivier, Ernst R. €15,00 Bekijk
AUTOGRAPH. Postcard with autograph and text on back dated 4-5-1918. Philipp Zorn (1850-1928), professor of international law in Bonn, was also notable in ecclesiastical and constitutional law. Zorn, Philipp. €103,00 Bekijk
The Humanitarian Face of the International Court of Justice : its Contribution to Interpreting and Developing International Human Rights and Humanitarian Law Rules and Principles. Zyberi, Gentian. €60,00 Bekijk
The Sino-Japanese negotiations of 1915 : Japanese and Chinese documents and Chinese official statement. €12,00 Bekijk
Nederlands Tijdschrift voor Internationaal Recht = Netherlands International Law Review. Vol. 1 (1953) - 44 (1997). €450,00 Bekijk
Grotius Annuaire Internationale = Grotius Internationaal Jaarboek. 1913 - 1940/46. €300,00 Bekijk

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