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Economics for the common good. Tirole, Jean. €15,00 Bekijk
Governance through Development: Poverty Reduction Strategies, International Law and the Disciplining of Third World States. Tan, Celine. €60,00 Bekijk
Dynamics of foreign policy and law : a study of Indo-Nepal relations. Subedi, Surya P. €40,00 Bekijk
EU private international law. Second edition. Stone, Peter. €12,00 Bekijk
Order and discipline in China : the Shanghai Mixed Court 1911-1927. Stephens, Thomas B. €18,00 Bekijk
Palestine and international law : essays on politics and economics. Silverburg, Sanford R. (ed.) €20,00 Bekijk
Sovereignty over natural resources : balancing rights and duties. Schrijver, Nico. €45,00 Bekijk
Sources of International Law : scope and application. Scheuer, Christoph. €8,00 Bekijk
Private International Law in the Netherlands. Rooij, René van & Maurice V. Polak. €20,00 Bekijk
Managing and transforming water conflicts. Priscoli, Jerome Delli & Aaron T. Wolf. €30,00 Bekijk
A British Digest of International Law. Volume 7-8. Part 7 : Organs of States. Chapter 18 -- Central Organs; Chapter 19 -- Diplomatic Agents; Chapter 20 -- Consular Offices; Chapter 21 -- Functions of Diplomatic Envoys and Consular Officers, et... Parry, Clive (ed.) €60,00 Bekijk
A British Digest of International Law. Volume 5-6. Part 6 : The Individual in International Law : Chapter 15 - Nationality and Protection; Chapter 16 - Aliens; Chapter 17 - Extradition : Rendition of Fugitive Offenders. Parry, Clive (ed.) €60,00 Bekijk
Opera Omnia, recognita, aucta, emendata, mutis in locis, atque in duos tomos distributa....huic novae editioni inter alia accessit v. cl. Joannis Barbeyracii Historica Vitae auctoris narratio. [Tomus 2 continens: Commentarium in D. Justiniani ... Noodt, Gerard. €450,00 Bekijk
Five hundred years since the rediscovery of the Americas : [essays published in the Netherlands International Law Review 1992, volume XXXIX, issues 1 and 2]. [Netherlands International Law Review]. €25,00 Bekijk
The treatment of claims of dual nationals by the Iran-United States claims tribunal and its possible impact on customary international law. Aghahosseini, Mohsen. €60,00 Bekijk
A modern introduction to international law. Akehurst, Michael. €12,00 Bekijk
Palestinian refugees : the right of return. Aruri, Naseer H. (ed.) €8,00 Bekijk
International criminal justice : law and practice from the Rome Statute to its review. Bellelli, Roberto (ed.) €80,00 Bekijk
Bank Guarantees in International Trade. Bertrams, R.I.V.F. €35,00 Bekijk
Globalization of criminal justice. Bohlander, Michael (ed.) €100,00 Bekijk

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