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International and internationalized criminal courts : the new face of international peace and security? : inaugural address. Knoops, Geert-Jan A. €6,00 Bekijk
International Human Rights and Islamic Law. Baderin, Mashood A. €8,00 Bekijk
The future of the sea : symposium organized at Den Helder by the Royal Netherlands Naval College and the International Law Institute of Utrecht State University, 26-27 June 1972. (Discussions) Symposium. €8,00 Bekijk
Securities regulation in the Netherlands. Vijver, Niels R. van de. €8,00 Bekijk
Korean international law. Pae, Chae-sik; Nam-Yearl Chai & Choon-Ho Park. €8,00 Bekijk
A Guidebook to Intellectual Property: Patents, Trade Marks, Copyright and Designs. Jacob, Robin. €8,00 Bekijk
Confiscation and money laundering : law and practice : a guide for enforcement agencies. Great Britain. Home Office. Organised and International Crime Directorate. €8,00 Bekijk
The Hungarian situation and the Rule of Law. International Commission of Jurists. €8,50 Bekijk
Cases and materials on international law. Harris, Donald J. €8,50 Bekijk
The proliferation of weapons of mass destruction and international humanitarian law : current challenges, effective responses. International Institute of Humanitarian Law. €8,50 Bekijk
Textbook on international law. Fourth edition. Dixon, Martin. €8,50 Bekijk
The Freshfields guide to arbitration and ADR : clauses in international contracts. Paulsson, Jan ... [et al.] €8,50 Bekijk
The legal problems concerning the juridical status and political activities of the Zionist Organization/Jewish Agency : a study in international and U.S. law. Mallison Jr., W.T. €8,50 Bekijk
The September 11 terrorist attacks and the invasion of Iraq in contemporary international law : opinions on the emerging new world order system. McWhinney, Edward. €8,50 Bekijk
American-Belgian private international law. Hecke, Georges van. €8,50 Bekijk
A modern introduction to international law. Akehurst, Michael. €8,50 Bekijk
International law and the rise of nations : the state system and the challenge of ethnic groups. Beck, Robert J. & Thomas Ambrosio (ed.) €8,50 Bekijk
The Earth on Trial: Environmental Law on the International Stage. Kibel, Paul Stanton. €9,00 Bekijk
The American Illness: Essays on the Rule of Law. Buckley, F.H. (ed.) €9,50 Bekijk
Israel in Lebanon : report of the international commission to enquire into reported violations of international law by Israel during its invasion of the Lebanon : 28 August 1982-29 November 1982. MacBride, Séan (chairman). €9,50 Bekijk

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