In den voorhof der schoonheid. Verslag van de rede door Prof. Bolland voor zijne collegianten te Amsterdam den 28sten September 1906 uitgesproken. Gestenographeerd door W. Drees.
Bolland, G.J.P.J.

Uitgever Leiden, A.H. Adriani, 1906. 58, (2 publisher's catalog of works by Bolland and selection of general catalog) pp. Original publisher's printed paper covers, uncut (worn and somewhat torn at edges and spine, with unobtrusive lead pencil underlinings...
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Meer info Conditie: goed. PHILOSOPHY
Extra informatie Remarkable association copy with handwritten dedication of the author to one of his most brilliant students and fellow philosophers. At a time, at the end of the 19th century, when everybody was convinced that Hegel and Hegelianism had finally disappeared of the philosophical stage, one autodidact former schoolteacher managed to become professor for Philosophy at Leiden University, to lecture on Hegel in the best attended courses at the university, and to propagate and stimulate interest in philosophy and notably Hegel in Holland for 2 or 3 decades. Intriguing aspect of this Hegel hausse is a.o. that Bolland and his Hegelianism had a special appeal on women intellectuals, so that for the first time a group of female philosophers, or "Hegelaressen" ("Hegelettes") as they were referred to, had a chance to excell in philosophy as academic discipline and become more or less well known in Holland. One of the foremost of these 'devoted female disciples' was Ester Vas Nunes (1869-1929), specialised in logic and who herself wrote more than 25 books on Bolland and Hegel. She was also one of the founding members of the "Bolland society for pure reason" that took care of Bollandism and Hegelianism after Bollands Death in 1922. This work is a very nice association copy, a stenographed and printed text of one of the lectures by Bolland on aesthetics. It clearly once was a present from Bolland to Vas Nunes and inscribed by hand on the frontcover "Voor Ester Vas Nunes G.J.P.J.B." (For Esther Vas Nunes, by G.J.P.J. Bolland). The frontcover also carries the stamp "Uit de boekerij van Prof Mr J.J.M. van der Ven", ex-libris reminding that this copy once belonged to the library of the Dutch jurist and professor in the philosophy of law at Utrecht University van der Ven (1907-1988).

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