Trade, health and the environment : the European Union put to the test.
Asselt, Marjolein van; Michelle Everson & Ellen Vos (eds.)

ISBN 9781849713627
Uitgever London : Routledge, 2014. Hardcover. xiii, 274 pp. 24 cm. (Routledge explorations in environmental studies). Conditie: goed
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Meer info Conditie: goed. ENVIRONMENT
Extra informatie - The trade conflicts that the EU has faced within the EU or WTO context demonstrate that the question of how to balance trade and other societal values in situations of uncertainty has not been solved by the regulatory model evolved by the EU in the aftermath of the BSE crisis - one which privileges processes of depoliticisation and scientification. This book addresses the current key dilemmas around science, law and the regulation of trade, both on a regime level and in the context of particular industrial sectors, e.g pharmaceuticals, climate change and nanotechnology. It will present possible future research avenues by looking at both theory and practice and learning from various disciplines (law and social sciences), legal realities (WTO, USA and EU) and actors (regulators, stakeholders, courts)" Contents : Trade versus health and the environment? / Marjolein B.A. van Asselt, Michelle Everson and Ellen Vos -- The European Union put to the test : the quest for politics / Michelle Everson, Ellen Vos, and Marjolein B.A. van Asselt -- Risk, uncertainty and precaution : lesson from the history of US environmental law / Robert V. Percival -- Science and decision-making : can we both distinguish and reconcile science and politics? / Erik Millstone -- Between uncertainty and responsibility : precaution and the complex journey towards reflexive innovation / Mariachiara Tallacchini -- Handling pharmaceutical risks in post-trust society : science-based decision making under strain? / Frederic Bouder -- Responsive governance of uncertain risks in the European Union : some lessons from nanotechnologies / Bärbel Dorbeck-Jung -- Climate change, targets and trade : an EU law perspective on the preferential treatment of international competing industries / Marjan Peeters -- The role of science in mediating the conflict between free trade and health regulation at the WTO : the EC-Biotech Products dispute / Denise Pre´vost -- EU risk regulation reviewed by the European Courts / Ellen Vos -- Involving stakeholders in risk governance : the importance of expertise, trust and moral emotions / Sofia Kaliarnta, Maria Hage and Sabine Roeser -- The interplay between science, law, health and trade : a practitioner's perspective / interview with member of European Parliament, Kartika Liotard, by Jos Cortenraad.

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