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Morality, worldview, and law : the idea of a universal morality and its critics. Musschenga, Bert (e.a.) €15,00 Bekijk
Intention in law and philosophy. Naffine, Ngaire; Rosemary J Owens John M Williams (eds.) €60,00 Bekijk
Law, ideology and punishment : retrieval and critique of the liberal ideal of criminal justice. Norris, Alan W. €40,00 Bekijk
Philosophy and the law of torts. Postema, Gerald J. (ed.) €12,00 Bekijk
Punishment, compensation, and law : a theory of enforceability. Reiff, Mark R. €18,00 Bekijk
Ethnicity and group rights. Shapiro, Ian. €25,00 Bekijk
Groups, rules and legal practice. Sánchez Brigido, Rodrigo E. €20,00 Bekijk
The ethics of deference : learning from law's morals. Soper, Philip. €12,00 Bekijk
A theory of law. Soper, Philip. €15,00 Bekijk
Punishment and Freedom : the rabbinic construction of criminal law. Steinmetz, Devora. €12,00 Bekijk
A general view of the criminal law of England. Stephen, James Fitzjames. €45,00 Bekijk
Lectures on the philosophy of law : together with Whewell and Hegel, and Hegel and Mr. W.R. Smith. A vindication in a physico-mathematical regard. Stirling, James H. €22,00 Bekijk
Law and Philosophy : Subversive of Democracy. Syfers, James W. €12,00 Bekijk
Ch'En Liang on Public Interest and the Law. Tillman, Hoyt Cleveland. €9,50 Bekijk
Law and philosophy : selected papers in legal theory. Varga, Csaba. €12,00 Bekijk
Legal argumentation and evidence. Walton, Douglas N. €40,00 Bekijk
Grounds of liability : an introduction to the philosophy of law. White, Alan R. €8,00 Bekijk
Hidden in plain sight : the tragedy of children's rights from Ben Franklin to Lionel Tate. Woodhouse, Barbara Bennett. €12,00 Bekijk
Action and Appearance: ethics and the politics of writing in Hannah Arendt. Yeatman, Anna; Phillip Birger Hansen, Magdalena Zólkos Charles A. Barbour(ed.) €10,00 Bekijk
Polish contributions to the theory and philosophy of law. Ziembinski, Zygmunt (ed.) €18,00 Bekijk

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