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1935 ... : paix avec l'Allemagne? Vibraye, Régis de. €20,00 Bekijk
A bibliography of jurisprudence. Dias, R.W.M. €20,00 Bekijk
A biological theory of law : natural law theory revisited. Gommer, Hendrik. €10,50 Bekijk
A brief history of the Magna Carta : the story of the origins of liberty. Hindley, Geoffrey. €8,50 Bekijk
A British Digest of International Law. Volume 5-6. Part 6 : The Individual in International Law : Chapter 15 - Nationality and Protection; Chapter 16 - Aliens; Chapter 17 - Extradition : Rendition of Fugitive Offenders. Parry, Clive (ed.) €60,00 Bekijk
A British Digest of International Law. Volume 7-8. Part 7 : Organs of States. Chapter 18 -- Central Organs; Chapter 19 -- Diplomatic Agents; Chapter 20 -- Consular Offices; Chapter 21 -- Functions of Diplomatic Envoys and Consular Officers, et... Parry, Clive (ed.) €60,00 Bekijk
A Case for Legal Ethics. Legal Ethics as a Source for a Universal Ethic. Luizzi, Vincent €10,50 Bekijk
A Catalogue of the Law Collection at New York University. With selected annotations. Marke, Julius J. (ed.). €77,00 Bekijk
A Cautionary Tale: Failed U.S. Development Policy in Central America . Conroy, Michael E. €8,50 Bekijk
A changing landscape of road traffic liability in China : a view from law and economics. Yu Yan. €30,00 Bekijk
A Citizens' Europe: In Search of a New Order. Antola, Esko (Editor) €8,50 Bekijk
A comment on the Commentaries : a criticism of William Blackstone's Commentaries on the laws of England. Bentham, Jeremy. €35,00 Bekijk
A community of twelve? : the impact of further enlargement on the European Communities : Bruges week 1978 = Une communauté à douze? : l'impact du nouvel élargissement sur les Communautés européennes : semaine de Bruges 1978. Wallace, W. I. Herreman (eds.) €15,00 Bekijk
A companion to Justinian's Institutes. Metzger, Ernest (ed.) €15,00 Bekijk
A comparative analysis of United States military bases agreements. Valero, Geraldo M.C. ... [et al.] €20,00 Bekijk
A comparative introduction to the German law of torts. Markesinis, Basil S. €25,00 Bekijk
A concise and practical view of the law of vendors and purchases. c Sugden, Edward. €200,00 Bekijk
A concise business guide to contract law. Boundy, Charles. €10,50 Bekijk
A concise dictionary of law. 2nd edition. Martin, Elizabeth A. (ed.) €10,50 Bekijk
A contribution towards a bibliography dealing with crime and cognate subjects. Cummins, John. €35,00 Bekijk

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