Incorporations (Zone, 6).
Crary, Jonathan & Sanford Kwinter (eds.)

ISBN 9780942299298
Uitgever New York : Zone Books, c1992. Paperback. 633 pp. ills. (Zone, 6).
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Meer info Conditie: goed. PHILOSOPHY
Extra informatie - This volume of Zone presents a diverse group of reflections and interventions on the fate of the body and of subjectivity within twentieth-century modernity. Essays, image-text projects, photographic dossiers, and philosophical and scientific articles examine the multiple emergences over the last 100 years of new models of life based on technological and biological developments, whose roots go back to the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, but whose full expression is only beginning to emerge. These new transformations and modalities are discussed and figured in relation to an older set of models that long ago began to dissolve - the classical notions of unity, interiority, and organism. In its heterogeneous approach, Zone 6: Incorporations provides a rich cartographic description of the particular capacities and trajectories of the contemporary body drawing on the work of neurologists, anthropologists, filmmakers, architects, philosophers, historians, biologists, dancers, novelists, and artists.ContributorsPaul Rabinow, Eve Sedgwick, François Dagognet, Peter Eisenman, J. G. Ballard, Donna Haraway, Gilles Deleuze, Klaus Theweleit, Elaine Scarry, Francisco Varela, Liz Diller, Ric Scofidio, John O'Neill, Manuel DeLanda, and Ana Barado

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