Theologia Christiana dogmatico-moralis auctore F. Daniele Concina ordinis praedicatorum. [Tomus primus - decimus] (FOLLOWED BY:) Ad theologiam Christianam dogmatico-moralem apparatus...accedunt plures constitutiones...[Tomus primus-secundus]
Concina, Daniele.

Uitgever Romae, prostant venales Venetiis, apud Simonem Occhi, 1749-1751. 10 Volumes. Contemp. half roan bindings. Vol. 1: (14), clxviii, 492 pp.; vol. 2: xxii, (2 errata), 555 pp.; Vol. 3: xv, (1 errata), 572 pp.; vol. 4: xxvii, (1 errata), 741 pp.; xx, ...
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Extra informatie Nice and complete set of the rare first edition of this monumental 18th century controversial anti-Jesuit, anti probabilistic work. Concina, Dominican preacher, was an Italian born controversialist and theologian, 1687- Venice 1756. After his studies he was appointed 1717 to the chair of philosophy, and later to that of theology, in the convent of Forli. Concina's literary activity was confined chiefly to moral topics and he entered into controversy concerning the Lenten fast, which was not closed until Benedict XIV issued the Encyclical, "Non ambigimus" which was favourable to Concina's contention. Shortly afterwards he published his "Storia del probabilismo e rigorismo" (Venice, 1743), a work composed of theological, moral, and critical dissertations. Being directed against the Jesuits, it naturally gave rise to a large controversial literature. The controversy reached a climax when Concina published under the auspices of Benedict XIV, the work we offer here, his main: "Theologia christiana dogmatico-moralis" (1749-51). A commission of theologians was appointed to examine the work, with the result that Concina was requested to prefix to the subsequent edition a declaration dictated by the pope. This declaration, which was practically a summary of the petition of condemnation made by his opponents, appeared in the edition of 1752, but that work itself showed no changes of importance. Today it is readily seen that many of his views are now considered severe, some classing him among the rigorists. "Concina...alioquin auctorum est rigidissimus" (Hurter). Concina is the author of about forty works, several of which are believed to be still in Italian libraries awaiting an editor. Interesting provenance as the library tickets on the spines and a small stamp on title verso show that the set once belonged to the main convent for academic theology of the dominicans in Germania Inferior (Albertinum Noviomagum) whereas a small stamp on each title page refers to the library of their convent for novices in Huissen. Hurter, V, pp. 1462/66 Michaud, ix, p. 382v.; Cf. LThK III, 29; Not in OCLC; 1 copy in Dutch Central Catalog NCC (Free University Amsterdam). Large but unobtrusive waterstains in first leaves of vol. 1; upper spine vol. 2 loose; upper spine vol. 3 starting, some marginal waterstains; paper flaw and small hole in title of vol. 6 touching a few letters; 4 spines and some boards seriously shaved but most only moderately and at bands; generally a very good and clean set.

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