Opuscula varii argumenti; his inscriptionibus: I. Praetermissa ad legem; 2. Digesta de origine juris; II: De rebus mancipi et nec mancipi; III: De Jure occidendi, et exponendi liberos apud veteres Romanos; IV: De cultu religionis peregrinae ap...
Bynkershoek, Cornelius van

Uitgever Editio Tertia. Lugduni Batavorum, apud Samuelem Luchtmans, 1752. 3rd edition. Contemp. vellum binding. [16], 408,[28] pp. 4to. BOUND WITH : Cornelii van Bynkershoek, jurisconsulti & senatoris, curæ secundæ de jure occidendi et exponendi liberos...
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Extra informatie Collection of treatises on various legal subjects, first published in 1723. All show the remarkable skills of Bynkershoek (1673-1743) in his integration of previously unedited sources of Roman law and the style and argumentative force that was derived from the study of classical Greek and Latin authors. As such it is a fine example of the achievements of the Dutch humanistic judicial tradition. One of the pieces became more known because of a quite curious controversy it aroused with Bynkershoek's collegue, professor of Law in Leiden, and friend Gerard Noodt. Bynkershoek arrives in this work at different conclusions on the relatively minor subject 'De occidendi et exponendi liberos apud veteres romanos' (the abandoning and killing of children). At that point the discussion among the former friends escalates. Noodt answers Bynkershoek in 1722 with an 'Amica Responsio' formulated, however, in a quite virulent tone. Bynkershoek replies in 1723 with the here contained 'Curae secundae', in the dedication whereoff he deplored Noodts attitude. The text of the 'Amico Responsio' is here reproduced on the upper half of the page to which Bynkershoek adds his sometimes sarcastic commentaries. Noodt thereupon shows his disdain in a work of 1724, but the controversy came to an end with his passing away in 1725. Cf. Dekkers, Bibliotheca Belgica Juridica, p. 15 (10 and 13); Roberts p. 70; Ahsmann & Feenstra 478; Heijnsbergen p. 79 ff

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